Gain Control to be Debt-Free to Retire Program

A four-part program to become debt-free to retire that explains how you develop debt habits that include living above your means and extending your available cash through credit card usage. Constructing your singular responsibility to prepare for retirement through saving will be developed through a hands on review of your 401(k), 403(b) or other pretax plan. You will learn how mutual funds work and how to review all of the funds in your plan for the portfolio that will meet your risk and reward options.

Part 1 is designed to discuss calculating your debt through awareness of your debt habits, budgeting issues, and controlling spending through credit cards. Working with a retired financial advisor, you will gain hands on experience at reviewing how your spending habits create havoc with your budgets, driving you into debt and generating a debt spiral. The difference between good debt and bad debt keeps the debt spiral forever spinning out of control.

Part 2 will teach you to understand your pre-tax investments and encourage you to review them knowledgeably with your investment agent handling your 401(k). You will learn where the money for retirement comes from and how it will become income for your family after you leave work. In this economy we will discuss how loans affect your 401(k) and highlight investment strategies you can use to preserve your contributions.

Part 3 emphasizes the importance ….