Is Saving for Retirement Merely a Game?

Dreaming of retirement is the closest thing to happiness that can occur when you reach 50 years of age. But planning to retire can be scary. Turning retirement into a game is an effective way to reduce any fear or anxiety you may have about having enough money to retire. Playing games on the other hand have always been fun. The strategies for winning and outwitting your challengers puts you into an action mode to plan the steps toward gaining a great retirement not just the good one.

The dream is the ultimate beginning. Like in any game you need to know when you have won. Is it when you own all the property on Park Avenue and sit back and collect rents to augment your pension? Or is it when you seek and find the perfect property hidden in the hills away from the sounds of the city? Tell me your dream, close your eyes and picture not only where it is but more, how it feels to have achieved what you want. Spend all of the time you need here in this place, this is the beginning of the new life and it should be all that you want it to be.

Understanding and accepting that the dream has become a reality will make it so. I believe in the concept and you may as well, also. There are way too many writers writing about the concept of “build it and they will come!” for you to decide it won’t happen for you! My husband and I are great examples of “making it happen;” my son owns his dream of the motorsport speedway all because he said “I want it.”

You will look at the pre-work involved with handling your money, reducing debt, saving for retirement and say to yourself, This is overwhelming and scary. You may be wondering how can I do this? CAN I do this? Where do I begin? Starting something new is frightening. Trying to figure out all the answers when you realize you don’t even know the questions is a huge undertaking. You begin to get frustrated with your inability to recognize the answers to the simplest questions like how much money you can save for your retirement. You question where you will find the answers. You ask others and when they tell you their answers you are even more confused because it is your lifestyle at stake here, not theirs. It just doesn’t make any sense and you realize that you need help. Real help from someone that will listen to you.

Someone wants to listen to you, wants to get to know you and wants to understand your dream of retirement. Someone who has coached people to play the game before and will encourage you. Someone to help you to discover the strategies to overcome the barriers to your success. And although the actions may seem overwhelming at first, will remind you to take a deep breath and allow you to trust your decisions.

You see, planning your retirement is a game. The kind of games you played as a kid but with a vengeance and passion to make the game “real!”

You learn to turn the worries into the challenges of winning the game.

Was your street hockey any less fun because you used a ball instead of a puck, or the hockey stick was a flat piece of wood? You still wanted to win and beat the other team, especially because they had hockey sticks instead of wood planks. As a grown up, you get to have all the real hockey sticks (read correct tools) to play the game. You will learn how to invest, how to choose the better mutual fund, stock or exchange traded fund(ETF), and best of all where to find the money to use towards reducing debt and saving in a pre-tax 401(k) etc. I am the someone out there who can talk you through the steps.

Remember how all of your games started?

Someone told you or read the rules of the game. It’s the same with the game of retirement.

Simply start with the directions.

Get Out of Debt. Then you learn the object of the game: accumulate money for your retirement. You want to know how to begin the game, know for example things like how much money you have in your budget to use for retirement.

Know the steps you take to play.

Take and make a list of the challenges to saving and decide how you will stop them from interfering with your plan to conquer the dragon in his lair. You can do this because you had years of learning how to play the games that gave you laughter and the competitiveness over your siblings and peers.

Here it is time to play the game! Decide on your game plan. Is your game going to start by reducing your debt? or by increasing your discretionary income? Revision of your budget can help you to gain the excitement of getting ahead of your opponents because you have acquired an understanding of where your savings are headed. Remember how you laughed during Scrabble and laughed harder when you beat your spouse by an easy 100 points?

The game is afoot and you’re it! Dream the dream, discover the game point and set up the steps to the attainment of the win. You will not be afraid because you have made a game of the challenges and you have often beat them fair and square in many games during your lifetime. I am here to help you live the joy of being debt free. C’mon let’s play!