Are you just starting out in your first job? Have you been working for 10 years? 25 years? More? Then you are one of the many people I need to speak with immediately.

Do you feel financially prepared to retire?

Do you have a plan for a successful retirement?

Would a debt-free retirement help to fulfill your dreams?

Are You Ready to Retire?

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47% of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck and find it impossible to save more and more of the money required to meet their needs in retirement. Are you also wondering where all of your money has gone at the end of each month? Do you notice that your credit card debt is increasing each month, regardless of the fact that both you and your partner are working?

All of this debt, credit cards, home equity and school loans will absolutely follow you into retirement. Where will the extra money come from to save towards retirement? Saving in your 401(k) is great, but at the rate you are saving, do you really think you will have enough to retire in 20 years? You may have to plan on working longer or even work during retirement to make ends meet.

Less savings for retirement and increasing debt are threats to your dreams of retirement. Controlling spending and eliminating debt are the roads to success, allowing you to manage your financial status before and during retirement.

Do You have a PLAN for Retirement?

Everyone needs a plan for retirement, whether you are 20 or 50. In this economy and employment environment you need to be saving in a tax-deferred individual retirement account or an employer-sponsored 401(k), 403(b), etc. You need to be contributing money out of every paycheck; you need to be reminded and never forget these pretax plans are your lifeline to retirement.

Saving more for retirement cannot be realistic if your spending and debt are out of control.

  1. I will help you recognize how your spending habits are leading you into debt.
  2. I will help you diminish your debt and its financial impact on your hard-earned paycheck.
  3. I will teach you and your family the benefits of recognizing the need to reduce your expenditures, stop the unnecessary spending in your daily living and recreate your lifestyle.

Would a Debt Free Retirement Help Fulfill Your Dreams?

As a financial advisor I have been privileged to help hundreds of clients achieve their goal of a successful retirement; and the key to their success was learning to take control of their future through debt management and spending awareness.

Many clients were unaware how their lack of focus on their finances affected their ability to save. It is no wonder that spending gets out of control, and credit cards begin to fill the financial void.

As your financial advisor, we will work together to assure you maintain a focus on your debt and spending awareness. We will:

  • Review your budget
  • Devise a plan
  • Create an ongoing, successful, debt free lifestyle!

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